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Can I use Goodbinder to build my video game app?

No. Goodbinder would not be an ideal candidate to use to build your mobile game app. With a mobile app, you would need access to the device processor and rendering engine for visualization. Goodbinder mobile app is best used for things that appear and dissapear from the screen, which users can interact with.

Is there a designer I can see?

Goodbinder is currently beta testing. The designer is only available to current customers but will be made public once our testing is complete. If you would like to be notified when complete, please visit our product page.

What are some of the things I can do with Goodbinder

Goodbinder can be used to create beutiful websites, mobile applications on the iPhone, iPad and Android devices, business workflow applications, and more.

How does the mobile hosting work

We can host your mobile application in our cloud environment (Amazon AWS, or Microsoft Azure). Businesses with specific needs can have separate instances of Goodbinder on premise or in the cloud.