Learn the Goodbinder basics

A picture or lets say a video is worth a thousand words. No dry manuals here. Just watch to learn the basics.

How to enter in Design Mode for page editing

This video tutorial shows you how to enter the in Design Mode so that you, a designer can make advance edits on pages.

How to setup a Master Template for pages

In this video, learn how to setup a template page that will similar information, such as header and footer used in certain pages.

How to publish a page and change security

Learn how to set expiration days for your pages, as well as manage page security and authentication levels in this video.

How to understand ActionAreas (sm) vs HTML Content

This video tutorial shows you the difference between an ActionArea and HTML. Both can be used to render your pages.

How to create documents for your search index

In this video, we provide more detailed information on how to update document navigation to quickly create help documents.

How to track the history of changes

Ever had that oops moment and no way to go back? This video tutorial shows you how to compare your page design changes.

How to select, install and configure plugins

Using plugins or widgets is a great way to quickly setup your site. This video shows you how they interact with your pages.