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Two Programs available to join

Select from the program that best describes your skill set. We understand that some developers may wear multiple hats, but we feel that it's best to focus on either being a designer or a developer, but not both.

Theme Designer Program

This program focuses on creating layouts and themes with Goodbinder Imaginary platform. The skills needed for this program is a solid understanding of HTML and CSS rendering in all browsers. Third party components such as Bootstrap and Font Awesome are a plus.

UI Developer Program

A program for UX/UX developers with a solid understanding of JavaScript, jQuery, two-way binding mechanisms such as, Angular JS, Rivets JS. With Goodbinder Imaginary platform, developers will create 3rd party customizable and reusable page components.

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Reusable components built with .NET

Themes, components, navigation menus, and customizable workflow forms are some of the plugins that can increase development efficiencies and have an impact on release dates.