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An Easier Web with The All New Imaginary (Galilea)

Posted 12/29/2016 9:58:01 PM

We're proud to release the latest version of Goodbinder Imaginary. Galilea has made great improvements in creating powerful in-browser web content. Want to build an Our framework is the closest thing to allowing you to deploying a functional powerful e-commerce site out of the box. We're not exactly at the point where custom code is not needed, but we're quickly heading in that direction.

The new additions involve an improved layering system that allows you to edit and style your UI Content in-browser. With the layering, your HTML is no longer flat and you can access each element (node) in Adobe Photoshop like layers. Lets not stop there. You can then create workflow, security, rules for these elements.

Bug fixes and improvements have been added to the Plugins to allow you to more easily add your custom plugins or use Goodbinder Plugins.

Goodbinder is the only web platform that allows you to create security at any location in your code and elements. This can be done directly in the browser so at any time, you can secure your apps. And these security changes are no facade. They go deep down into the generator so as each element is rendered, if they and the user do not make the right security handshake, the element and data are simply omitted.

We're also making improvements on the Commerce side to allow for greater flexibility and control of your data. Add subscriptions, upselling, cross selling, invoicing, discount, freight.


And last but not least, we'll start blogging a bit more so you can see what we're up to.



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