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Improvements on design & development

Posted 8/5/2015 8:53:50 PM

When we decided to put the words "Content Management System" or "CMS" in our description we felt that it could be somewhat misleading; and truly, we still feel it is. Goodbinder is more than just a CMS. It's more like a platform that also behaves like a CMS. Except, the engine that controls it all is based on actions and really has no template. Sure, we can create websites like other CMS; but on Goodbinder, the designs are done directly on the browser through layers or InDesignTearDrops. So if you've ever used adobe Photoshop before, then you have familiarity of adding/manipulating elements via layers. Except with Goodbinder Imaginary, the layers create HTML directly on the browser (laptop, PC) or a full browser tablet device. Development is completely done online and is left up to the content developers/designers/creators. Your page is always below and you can see directly how your changes are impacting your content below. Here's some of the tools that you will have at your fingertips:

Lets say you have an existing site that you would like converted into the CMS but don't want to take the time to create each structure line by line. Well Goodbinder Imaginary can handle that. In the administrator, Simply drag or upload the text file representation, or file containing the generated and well formed HTML onto the browser screen and have Imaginary convert it for you automatically into the same structure that the CMS uses. It's that simple.

Security is always of concern when designing software. With Goodbinder Imaginary, we've taking care of the redundant features to let you concentrate on what really matters to you. At each layer level, or InDesignTearDrop, you can set all sorts of built in security options for what users can see depending on whether they are authenticated or not; their access levels or roles assigned to. It's that simple.

Considering going multilingual or just want an easier way to manage your text? It's all done inline right where you see your content. You never leave the page. Texts can be reused inside other texts (we call this @fields) by preceding and ending the field name of that text with double open and close braces. This makes it easier to edit and/or translate texts by your translators. Directly on your site. No more shipping text off to be translated. It's that simple.

At Goodbinder, our mission is to make developing any type of application or website, whether complex or not: simpler, faster, scalable & fun. Visit this blog on a regular basis to find out how to leverage the benefit of Imaginary.

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