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A design true to the hearts for those who create on the web

Posted 3/25/2016 3:35:47 AM
InDesignMode allows anyone to develop a full blown application with just the browser or mobile tablet. Not templates needed as the Goodbinder Imaginary framework sees each element being created on the screen as an individual & unique element where security and many advanced features can be implemented. All with the browser. It's truly a native browser experience where regardless of the device, the development is done the same way. So imagine, on the go, you can create websites or edit websites and content with your iPad. Slick. So far so good, huh? Well we've got news for you.

We know we've been quite lately. But there's a good reason for that. With so many features to add before the end of September (note, full release is coming in September), this is what you call crunch time. Managing products online, Fast multilingual translation, Image editing. Designers would love it.

We've even added something for the database administrators: Content Sharding. Goodbinder data can be spread across multiple databases and shared with other sites or applications using the platform. So you can easily have the source of your content coming from somewhere else. Replication can be used to keep all data in sync throughout all your servers and data centers. Follow us on twitter @GoGoodbinderCo for the latest update.

Below is a preview of the Design Explorer. It allows you to manage and edit files on your system.

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