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Imaginary to Infinity and beyond

Posted 9/8/2016 3:04:40 PM
It's been some time since our last blog post. Rest assured, we've been extremely busy in putting in the right products in a platform that is meant to scale and do everything that is expected of it. Drag, draw, create directly on the browser or tablet in a photo like editing tool that controls how HTML is rendered on screen; add security and workflow into your application or any HTML element that you create. We've taken the limitation and complexity out of developing a full scale software and made it accessible to everyone; and if you don't feel like creating each line of element on the screen, then you can take an existing website or website template and import it directly on your browser with the designer. Once the existing site is imported, all you have to do is use the Design Explorer to upload the supporting JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheet files. It's that simple, once done, the original site will be converted by the platforms engine into the Content Management System. The same control that is native to Goodbinder Imaginary will also be native to your original site that was imported. What you have just done is turn an existing static HTML file into managed pages, workflow, security, design and text management for multilingual support.

There'll be more to come as we continue to add new features to our subscription plans. Currently, our customers can design applications and sites directly on the browser or mobile tablet, import existing websites, create advance security rules and workflow for any element or page, create blogs and share thoughts through our social API, keep track of activities being performed on the system (each activity has a security layer to make sure it does not fall below the person's Access Control List level), Create/manage/sell products, translate site text directly on the browser and go multilingual with ease.

Whew, that's a lot. We'll be sure to be adding more so stay tuned.

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