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An Imaginary ability to dream big

Posted 11/22/2015 9:45:32 PM
Goodbinder Imaginary is meant to power your web foundation. Create applications online with browsers on computer or tablet devices. Doesn't matter as you will find the experience to be the same and true to the content your users will be seeing. It's a great experience for those that have had early access. On October 15, we're planning the full release which would give you the ability to create sites, manage products, go multilingual, create email campaigns and import from any type of web/HTML5 templates to say the least. Dream big, as our motto says: "Where imagination meets knowing."

Easily create and launch multiple applications or websites within the settings manager. Different applications can share part or all of another application through our easy but powerful configuration manager.

Here, you can see the default application and our www site that you are currently viewing

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