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Posted 1/3/2016 10:16:59 AM

Everything in the technology fields changes so rapidly. Business applications development in this field has experienced a tremendous growth. What started as a tool of mobile communication now has developed into a powerful platform for accessing information through the internet.

This trend has developed because of the change in the needs of commerce. When the main form of communication was from a distance, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. The nature of human is such that its mind always seeks something new. Once communication was established, then there was a need for communication on the move. That was the time cell phone came. In time, bulky cell phones gave way to slim and light phones. With the popularity of internet growing, smart phones were invented.

It is forecasted that in next 10 years most of the businesses will either switch over to mobile platforms or be in the process of doing it. Gone are the days when one used to stand in queue to withdraw money. Gone are the days when one was sitting in air-conditioned room to ensure that computers work fine. Now, transactions are happening using mobile devices and the internet. Today the younger generation are chatting on mobile internet platforms and creating the next big product.

The current coverage of internet and use of smart phones has helped in developing many applications. Business applications development, Private Social Network, etc. all have undergone change. 2G, 3G, and 4G and so on... the internet has moved from the home computer to mobility. Some day, our phones will be nothing but throw-able plastic equipment illuminated by some brand design.

The only aspect that hinders this growth is improper understanding of the opportunities, current high developmental costs and the resources. The mobile ecommerce and mobile internet is going to be the future of communication and business. It is always present.

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